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Leveraging Data To Empower Buyers and Sellers. 

Who We Are

Our Founder

Realo is a tech-driven real estate brokerage. We focus on the multifamily middle market in NYC. We offer advisory services to buyers and sellers to facilitate seamless transactions and optimize the value of their investments.

Michael Derard


Michael, a former Compass real estate broker, has over a decade of real estate sales, mortgages, and commodity trading experience. As an active trader primarily focusing on the Futures market and as a real estate broker, Michael is well-versed in data's impact on decision-making in investing. With his years of experience, he has accrued practical expertise in real estate investments, data analytics, and technical knowledge in data valuation. He vows to combine his prowess in both worlds to offer a real estate brokerage platform that focuses on actionable insights for real estate investing.



Realo Insights, Simplifies Real Estate Market Research, and Investment Analysis

We make sure our clients have the tools to evaluate investment opportunities. We focus on building relationships through transparency.

Property  Search

Search any property in NYC, including property history.

Market Comparables

Access records of recent sales of every building and documents in NYC.

Trend Analysis

Neighborhoods and property trends for accurate property valuation.

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