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We offer our clients the perfect blend of hands-on real estate brokerage services and a data platform for real estate market research and investment analysis. 


We combined market insights, data, and technology to achieve the highest value for real estate buyers and sellers in NYC. 

Our platform provides real-time data, sales comparables, property details, and market trends for faster investment decisions.

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Market Data and Investment Analysis are at your fingertips.

Actionable Insights

Ready-to-use actionable insights to support buying and selling decisions.

Investment Sales

We leverage data to elevate the investment sales experience for our clients. 

We track a decade-plus of multi-family sales and continuously monitor market trends, which gives us a laser focus on every neighborhood in all 5 boroughs. We understand that every client has specific investment objectives. We set aside clear goals and strategies for each client's request to yield the maximum results. We listen to our client's investment criteria, and we tailor strategies that meet our client's investment goals.

Investmen Sales

Realo Insights, Simplifies Real Estate Market Research, and Investment Analysis

We make sure our clients have the tools to evaluate investment opportunities. We focus on building relationships through transparency.

Property  Search

Search any property in NYC, including property history.

Market Comparables

Access records of recent sales of every building and documents in NYC.

Trend Analysis

Neighborhoods and property trends for accurate property valuation.

Data- Driven

Realo Insights delivers actionable data to optimize value for our clients. With complete transparency, our clients have access to the same data platform as us. With our technology platform fully integrated with real-time data, the Realo team works faster and more effectively on behalf of our clients. Realo harnesses the power of market intelligence and workflow automation to connect buyers and sellers with suitable investments.

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